Food Reviews
Maine Fish House

Food Review           by Howard Steven Frydman

Restaurant:           Maine Fish Market Restaurant

Location:             60 Bridge Street
                         Warehouse Point, East Windsor, CT
                         (860) 623-2281
Overall Rating: 5 stars

   “Mr. Frydman, what is your favorite restaurant”?- I hear that same mantra several times a week, during the holidays, almost daily! With a rapidly developing smile on my fish eyed Frydman face, my reply is always the same. Bar none, my all time favorite restaurant in Connecticut is the Maine Fish Market Restaurant. I have stated that fact more often than my own social security number. In many instances, I have met up with folks who have also come to that same conclusion regarding the Maine Fish Market, and hand upward to heaven, we have spent hours discussing “the Market’,  as liken to those who might debate, the Boston Red Sox, the writing of  German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche or the benefits of a Roth IRA, we brazenly have taken up the  pros and cons of baked or broiled lobster, the complexities of “the Maine Fish Market’s” homemade Ritz cracker based stuffing or the unique subtleties of  their New England Clam Chowder. The plain fact is their fish is fresh, prepared brilliantly and just simply lip-smacking delicious! That surely explains the lines that are already queued up at 10:30 am on weekdays and noon on weekends waiting to get in.

Bricco & Grants

Food Review    by Howard Steven Frydman

Restaurant:                                                                            Bricco                                        Grants

Location:               78 LaSalle Road                           977 Farmington Avenue
West Hartford, CT                        West Hartford, CT
860) 233-0220                            1(860)  236-1930

Overall Rating:       5 stars                                           5 Stars

Superb Dining Experience

Legendary Connecticut restaurateur, Billy Grant, owner /chef of the renowned Bricco and Grants restaurants and his family have been old and fast friends of mine for many years, yet we have never met. I have marveled at his inspired cuisine but never knew he was at the kitchen’s helm. How can this be you ask? Let me solve this mystery of the legacy of Billy Grant. Once upon a childhood, Sundays was not only a day of rest and relaxation, but it was that one cherished day where my mother, Lillian, also took a rest from cooking. We would all jump into my father’s light blue Chevy Impala and head to one of our favorite  eateries  “Augie’s and Rays,” situated on Silver Lane in East Hartford CT. I can still taste the great food they served there. My brother and I usually had the foot long grilled hotdog, served on a buttered toasted bun and then added chopped onions, relish, mustard, ketchup and endless heaps of sauerkraut- to die for delish!!!. The owner of Augie’s & Rays? Billy’s father, William Grant Jr. and Billy was there!  Another local favorite during my youth was “The Eatery” restaurant situated in East Windsor, CT. where we celebrated many a holiday, birthday and special event.  The owner, Billy’s Uncle Paul Ianni and once again Billy was there! Today, Master Chef Billy Grant, can be found at the helm of two celebrated new restaurants, Bricco and Grants, where dining in unsurpassed and memories are made to last a generation and yes! - Billy is here!!