Frequently Asked Questions
What is BATV?
BATV-Public, educational and governmental (PEG) access channels, founded in 1983, is an independent, non-profit corporation that provides local, educational, informational and governmental programs.

What Does BATV Provide?
BATV provides the equipment and operational training necessary to produce community television programs.

What is the Training Like?

The basic training programs in studio production, portable remote production and editing are open to any resident of Bloomfield. The training is aimed at helping participants acquire the video skills, understanding and support necessary to become active volunteers of BATV.

How Can I Get Involved?
By attending regularly scheduled orientation sessions and video workshops classes. Classes also focus on the rules and procedures of BATV. For information contact BATV at 860-243-9710

Bloomfield Access Television manages the public, education and government channels for the Town of Bloomfield.
The station was founded in December 1983.  Howard Frydman is The station is staffed primarily by volunteers and features local programs produced by and for Bloomfield residents.
You can watch the channels on Comcast Cable.
Channel 5   Public Access  - Features programs produced by Bloomfield residents.
Channel 95    Government Access - Features coverage of local town meetings and goverment programs.
Channel 96    Educational Access - Features programs about our schools and educational programs like nasa and classic arts showcase.
The station is currently in negotiations with AT&T U-verse.
BATV  is always looking for volunteers to help behind the scenes to run cameras, show hosts, and producers to develop new shows.  Training is available.  Come with your ideas and we'll turn them into tv shows.